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Preventative Dentistry

Your Preventative Dental Visit is More Than Just a Cleaning!

A Typical Visit to Our Scottsdale Office

Always a positive experience whenever I have an appointment. Staff is up to date on present and past dental issues and keeps me focused on areas which need more attention. The staff is lovely – you leave smiling!
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Each dental hygiene visit includes:

  • Medical history review
  • X-rays as needed
  • Head, neck & oral cancer screening
  • Teeth Cleaning: professional dental prophylaxis – a thorough scaling of all teeth followed by polishing.
  • Periodontal health exam: pocket probing annually; comprehensive oral hygiene evaluation and instruction.
  • Review findings with Dr. Judy, evaluate and discuss your concerns and any necessary treatment.

Concerned about germs? Read about our Infection Control Procedures where we thoroughly clean and sanitize our patient rooms after each visit.

OralID Oral Cancer Screenings

oralidlogofullcolor_for_offices (1)As with any cancer, early detection and diagnosis is critical to survival.  It’s important for patients to see their dentist regularly, especially if they have a history of tobacco or alcohol usage, or have been exposed to the human papilloma virus.  HPV, transmitted through saliva, sexual and skin-to-skin contact is the cause of the fastest growing oral cancer population under the age of 45 and is responsible for a 15X increase in oral cancer diagnosis. 25% of all oral cancer patients have no known risk factors.

Oral Cancer Kills One American Every Hour

OralID is a quick and  painless non-invasive 2 minute exam that helps us identify oral abnormalities not visible to the naked eye. OralID is a FDA cleared medical device that uses fluorescence “blue light” technology.

The Importance of Oral Cancer Screening Video