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Dental Technology

Learn About the Dental Technology We Use in Our Scottsdale Office

Cerec – Crowns in One Visit

Our state-of-the art Cerec technology allows us to fabricate tooth-colored metal-free restorations (from fillings to crowns) using strong, tooth-colored ceramics for beautiful esthetics, making the process easier, more comfortable and more efficient.

The Cerec 3D measuring camera scans the prepared tooth, eliminating the need for messy impressions. We design the appropriate restoration using CAD software and the Cerec restoration is milled out of a solid ceramic block in about 10 minutes. You can even watch your crown being milled. The restoration is then glazed and crystallized in a special oven and then bonded directly to your tooth.

No more wearing a temporary crown while waiting weeks for your final crown.

You can have it done in a single appointment so that you can quickly get back to the more important things in life and smile on your way!

Phoenix CEREC

Laser Dentistry

We offer the use of a patient-friendly diode laser as part of our commitment to provide you with the most comfortable, preventative, technologically advanced treatment options.

The term “laser” stands for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation – a device that produces and amplifies light. Laser light can be focused into a tiny point to do very fine precision work with minimal swelling and less need for sutures. Our laser’s wavelength has been precisely calibrated for minimally invasive, preventative, soft-tissue applications.

We can perform laser periodontal treatment in our office to help eliminate infection and heal diseased gums associated with periodontal disease. Calculus, associated with inflammation and occasional bleeding gums, is removed from the root surface of the tooth using an ultrasonic scaler and hygiene instruments. Then, a small amount of light energy from a laser is directed through a tiny fiber, which is gently placed between the gum and tooth. This light energy aids in reducing the bacteria associated with the disease. After the area is thoroughly cleaned, the body can heal the area naturally with the help of your good oral hygiene home care.

Although the procedure itself can be virtually painless, the area may be anesthetized for your comfort. In this way the laser can be precisely directed for treatment. Post-procedure discomfort is typically less intense and of shorter duration than conventional periodontal surgery.

The initial treatment will focus on scaling and use of hygiene instruments to remove the tartar, then the laser portion of the treatment will be performed. Depending on the severity of the periodontal disease, treatment may be accomplished in one office visit or in multiple visits.

We can also use our laser to painlessly heal canker sores and perform frenectomies. It’s also excellent in cosmetic dentistry such as recontouring a “too gummy” smile. This leading-edge technology is just one more way that we’re making your visits more comfortable while increasing the level of care we provide.

Digital Radiographs/Intra-Oral Camera

We utilize the Dexis Digital Radiography system. This technology reduces your exposure to radiation and is environmentally friendly (no more film or chemicals). The increased efficiency results in less waiting time and shorter appointments.

Since “a picture is worth a thousand words,” with our intra-oral camera, we can take multiple images of your teeth, gums and soft tissue to show you exactly what’s happening inside your mouth.
We store your images/x-rays in our computer and have the ability to enhance and zoom in on your images so that you can have a better understanding of your oral health. We can electronically send your images to you, to any specialists or to insurance companies to expedite your claim.

Isolite System

The Isolite System is a high tech isolation system that provides optimal patient comfort while allowing us to work more effectively and efficiently. The high speed suction prevents liquids from pooling at the back of your throat and the bite block helps you stay open without straining your jaw joints. Your lips, cheek and tongue are protected by the special mouthpiece which also prevents foreign matter (old fillings and crowns particles) from falling down your throat.