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Read Reviews of Our Scottsdale Dentist Office by Our Patients

We pride ourselves on providing excellent care, and would love to hear your feedback.  Please choose one of the following review sites below, and let us know how we did! Please only review on Yelp if you are a regular Yelp reviewer.


“I have been a patient of Dr. Judy Huey’s for close to 10 years.  I have referred several friends to her.  She show her appreciation for the referrals by sending a hand written Thank You card and two movie tickets!  Twice, Dr. Huey has met me at her office on a weekend because I had dental emergencies.  Here is the really nice thing about having Dr. Huey as your dentist…She has the equipment and expertise to make crowns and fix broken partial plates right there in her office!  I had never had a dentist make my crown while I rested in the chair listening to music on the CD player Dr. Huey provided.  She always takes the conservative approach when recommending dental work or implants.  So I can trust her implicitly that she always has her patients best interests at hear and looks ahead down the road while making today’s recommendation.  You will not find a more knowledgeable and professional dentist in the valley.  To cap it off Dr Huey is a kind, big hearted person and she has the best staff I have ever experienced.  You can stop your search now because you won’t find a better dentist and staff than in Dr. Huey’s office. ”
Kathleen G.

“Wow! Was I glad when I found out that Dr. Huey was moving to Scottsdale. She was my dentist in San Francisco for many years. I was so sad when I had to move away to Scottsdale almost two years ago. But now, she is here and I am happy again getting the excellent, careful, attentive dental care I was used to. She is the BEST!”
Richard D.

“Absolutely best dentist I have ever been to!!! Professional, state-of-art practice, thorough and work is excellent. I have never been so pleased with a dentist. I referred my father and he had the same feelings I do. The office staff and assistants are organized, very competent and polite.”
Jennifer B.

“You are the best there is. Thanks for making my favorite place to hate going to a pleasant experience.”
Frank C.

“Dr. Huey and her staff consistently do their utmost to address my concerns going into the procedures and to allay my long-standing fears/aversion to most forms of dental treatment. They are always professional in their demeanor and responses, and I can always rely upon them to give me a full/thorough explanation. After 50+ years of dental care by dentists from around the country, I feel very fortunate receiving the care I’m presently receiving.”
Michelle H.

“Let me start by saying that I had my first root canal at the age of four. I have had a dozen or so since then, and a multitude of cavities. Needless to say the last person I wanted to see was another dentist. Enter Dr. Huey.
After 40 years of root canals, and a recently broken front tooth, it was clear that my mouth needed a major overhaul. Old silver fillings, old crowns, a receding gum-line and teeth that were all different shades of grey. After researching many doctors, and on the recommendation of my wife, I chose Dr. Huey to help. I had never once sat in her chair before, and I decided to have her help me with my smile and replace six of my front teeth.
Hesitant at first, I quickly felt confident in the way she approached “the job.” Her team made me feel more comfortable as my time in the chair went on. She truly understands and appreciates how one feels about their smile and it shows in the results. I am completely satisfied, and I am planning to have her do the rest of my teeth as well.”
Mike F.